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27 June 2012 @ 05:45 pm

Title: February
Type: One-shot
Word Count: 3,088
From: Twenty-Six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 6/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama
Rating: G
Warnings: boyxboy
Disclaimer: I so don't own anything, just my ideas~

 Song of Inspiration:  "Parachute" by Ingrid Michaelson

(n.) the second month of the year, having 28 days (or 29 if a leap year)

Soohyun hated February; it was a terrible month, according to the older boy. The members thought that his hatred was due to Valentine's Day because he was either rejected or something of the sort. Soohyun was often harassed because of this. 

His hatred, however, was not because of the holiday. 

Kiseop was the only U-KISS member who knew every reason why Soohyun hated the month; he was the only one, really, who Soohyun ever let in. The older boy believed that Kiseop was the only one that he could truly trust to listen, to not judge, and to respect his space and his decisions. To put it simply, Soohyun trusted Kiseop with his life. 

The ulzzang (1) remembered Soohyun's story to the closest detail; it was a truly heartbreaking tale, really. Kiseop regrets admitting that he did cause a lot of Soohyun's pain, but knowing that Soohyun still confides in him is heartwarming. He looked beside him and smiled at Soohyun who stared absentmindedly at the sky. 

It all began when Soohyun was very young. He had lost his father, and Soohyun still blames himself for being so ignorant of the situation. Soohyun's face had been grim when he told Kiseop the story, and there were even times when the ulzzang thought the older boy would start crying, but he never did. That worried Kiseop. 

Soohyun's father had died in February. 

Soohyun once had a small dog, a Pekinese mix, and her name was Joo Mi. He loved that dog, and when he had to leave, he would do so begrudgingly. Kiseop coul just imagine the cute pout on the boy's lips. Unfortunately, Joo Mi died one year after Soohyun's father had passed. She was buried in the backyard, where Soohyun would just sit next to her grave, the cold, February air chilling him to the bones. 

Years pass and Soohyun finally allowed himself to recover emotionally. It was then that he realized that he decided to pursue the entertainment career. He joined JYP Entertainment to work as a trainee and become a singer. Soohyun had befriended Jo kwon and they were nearly inseparable; however, Soohyun had eventually decided to leave JYP Entertainment for NH Media, where he debuted in the band U-KISS. Soohyun missed Jo Kwon, and he made sure to keep in touch with him, but Soohyun was also sure to befriend the U-KISS members to the best of his ability. 

When Soohyun first joined U-KISS, Kiseop was still a trainee. The two saw each other during practice schedules, and Soohyun even went out of his way to wait for the other boy until his schedule ended. The two of them became very close, and Soohyun even felt empty when he was away from the other boy. Kiseop's happiness had quickly become his first priority, and he would always try his best to keep him happy, even if his own heart was heavy with grief. There was one day that Kiseop remembered most, though. Soohyun came into practice, his eyes bloodshot, bags were visible under his eyes, he looked like he was physically in pain, and he was unbearably distant and quiet. 

"Neh, Soohyun. Are you okay?"


"You know you can't lie to me, hyung. What's wrong?"

After coaxing Soohyun to tell Kiseop, the older boy had finally given in. 

Soohyun's best friend, Jo Kwon, had died from a bad case of swine flu that morning. It was February, three days after the anniversary of Joo Mi's death. 

Soohyun had grown extremely close to Kibum; Kiseop took notice of this when he was added to U-KISS. Sometimes, Kiseop let jealousy get the better of him. Kiseop would end up ignoring Soohyun, and he would make sure he would never be near the older boy just so he would notice Kiseop's absence. Soohyun would always reassure Kiseop every time, though, that he would never appreciate anyone more than the ulzzang himself. And Kiseop believed him. 

Bad news came too soon from NH Media when they asked to meet with the fellow members. There, they had presented the "terminated" contracts of members Alexander and Kibum; they were leaving U-KISS. 

"Their contracts have been terminated, and they will be leaving U-KISS. Permanently," the owner had stated. 

"What's the meaning of this?" Soohyun asked, his voice hoarse. 

"Simple. They have no talent. Ever wonder why U-KISS has never been nominated for a reward?"

"That's insane!" Eli yelled. 

"How can you be so cruel?" Kevin asked, tears clouding his eyes. 

A shrug. "The truth hurts."

February... hurts too. 

A few days passed, and new members, AJ and Hoon, were added to the group. Regardless of them missing Alexander and Kibum, the members made sure to make the new additions feel welcome. And because Soohyun is now the oldest, he is now considered U-KISS' leader. Kiseop would watched the older male strive to be the best that he possibly could be for everyone else, and it broke the ulzzang's heart when he saw Soohyun berating himself over his failure to brig the group to the top. He was exhausting himself. 

Things continued to spiral downward on the anniversary of Alexander and Kibum's departure; Kiseop had been threatened to be thrown out of U-KISS. 

"You can't do this!" Soohyun had yelled. "You just can't..."

"Soohyun, it's okay," Kiseop spoke, though his eyes reflected his sorrow. Soohyun only shook his head. 

"This is the way that it must be," the owner said as he sorted through the stack of papers in his hands. 

"If he goes, I go," Soohyun said as he glared lethally at the man, who possessed an irate expression. 

"Don't be stupid, Soohyun-ssi. As the leader, you should consider what's best for the-"

"Oh, but I am thinking about what's best." Soohyun quickly draped his arm around Kiseop's shoulders and pulled him closer to him. "We're a package deal." Soohyun and the owner glared for a long while before the owner spoke up. 

"Fine. That can stay." Soohyun had ranted all the way back to the dorm about the owner, and how he had referred to Kiseop as a "that." He still gets angry at that thought, to be honest. 

"Soohyun?" Kiseop had asked. 

"Hm?" A pause. 

"I owe you one."

Months pass after that, and Soohyun starts to believe that he's ill. He has problems eating and he gets anxiety attacks. He even admitted to Kiseop about his fear of falling asleep before midnight. He claimed that he's afraid of tomorrow and what it will bring, and he knows he can't fall asleep until that clock reads 12:00; it also doesn't help that he has to get up by 5 every morning. That was when he started to let Kiseop sleep with him every night, so he can coax the older male to sleep. That was when the ulzzang became Soohyun's safety blanket. 

If Soohyun thought he was sick before, then he must be really ill now. His heart races, his palms start to sweat, anxiety bombards him full force now, his throat always runs dry, and he feels extremely dizzy half the time. His eating problems have become worse, as if he has forgotten how to eat altogether and needs to be retaught. The strange thing is that this only happens to him when he's around Kiseop. At that thought, Soohyun's heart suddenly plummeted to his stomach, and his face paled. Just for a good measure, Soohyun pictured the younger male in his head, and even thought his name. Soon enough, the symptoms of his "illness" bombarded him. He wasn't stupid, he knew what was going on. 

Soohyun found out that he was gay for his best friend during a February. 

Soohyun began to avoid Kiseop as well as he could, only speaking to him when absolutely necessary. He wanted to make sure that Kiseop wouldn't have to deal with his best friend being in love with him, so Soohyun began to distance himself. Soohyun even went as far as to stop sleeping in his room, and eventually sleeping altogether, when the ulzzang was around. Kiseop became concerned and tried to ask Soohyun what was wrong, but it was as if he was talking to a robot. Soohyun's reply was always a simple "Fine," and he never once made contact with the younger boy. Kiseop began to wonder if he had done something wrong. 


No reply. 

"Soohyun hyung."

Still nothing. 


"What?" Kiseop went silent, startled by the emotionless reply. 

"What's the matter with you?"

"I told you before, I'm fine." Kiseop didn't fail to hear the strain in his voice. Tears flooded his vision and he cast his head down. 

"... Why won't you look at me?"

A week passed by, and Soohyun is still giving Kiseop the cold shoulder. The members start to notice the change in the two friends' relationship, and they even ask the two if everything's alright. The two would always reassure them that everything is alright, even if the other members pressed further. Soon enough, however, Kiseop cracked.  They were all at practice, and Kiseop just didn't have his mind straight that day. They were practicing one of their dance routines, and Kiseop was messing up too much. The owner, who had been sitting in on this practice, soon became irritated. 

"Kiseop, keep up!"

"Kiseop, you're holding everything up!"

"Kiseop, why haven't you improved?" It soon became too much. 

"Yah." It was Soohyun. "Would it kill you to cut him a break?" His response angered Kiseop. 

"Don't you dare defend when you're just going to ignore me!" Kiseop snapped. Soohyun glanced over his shoulder, his eyes finding a seething Kiseop; everyone's eyes were on them. 

"Excuse me?" Soohyun asked. 

"You heard me." Soohyun turned to face Kiseop and scoffed.

"Well, if that's the case, maybe I won't defend you anymore; it's not like you appreciate it anyway." The ulzzang's eyes reflected betrayal in his teary eyes as he stared at Soohyun, slinging his bag on his shoulder. 

"I never asked you to in the first place." And then he was gone. 

The members were starting to hate February as well. 

Soohyun knows that he had hurt the ulzzang beyond belief, and that killed him. He wanted to fix things so much, but he also knew that Kiseop wasn't ready to accept his apology, and he didn't trust his own emotions either.  Three days after their fight, however, Soohyun found himself knocking on Kiseop's door. To say that Kiseop was surprised to find the leader at his door was an understatement. He stared at the boy for a while before he found his voice. 

"What do you want?" Soohyun took a deep breath. 

"I think... we need to talk," he said. Kiseop eyed the leader skeptically. 

"Why should I listen to you? You ignored me in the first place, isn't it my turn?" Soohyun had been expecting resistance, almost hoping for it, even. 

"I just want to explain myself; whether you forgive me or not is up to you."

"I'm not going to forgive you that easily, so just save your breath and-"

"Please," Soohyun begged. "Just... please, listen to me." Kiseop stared at the older male for a long time; Soohyun never begged. After thinking for a few moments longer, Kiseop opened the door all the way and stepped aside. 

"Get in." Soohyun quietly thanked him and entered the ulzzang's room. Kiseop sat on his computer chair, and Soohyun sat on the edge of the bed. He folded his hands and looked up at the ulzzang warily. 

"If you're going to talk, talk," Kiseop spoke as he became nervous under Soohyun's gaze. Soohyun nodded briefly before he took a deep breath. 

"I'm sorry, I never meant to hurt you. To be honest, I thought I was protecting you, but i suppose now that I really only made things worse. What I had said a few days ago was out of line, and I apologize for that." Soohyun stopped speaking to regulate his breathing. His heart had started to race and his palms had begun to perspire. He knew what he said next would change everything forever, and that scared him. "I thought that if I distanced myself from you, then I would be able to get better and control my emotions, because suddenly, everything I ever knew just disappeared, as if it was never there. It scared me, and I wanted to protect you from having to deal with this, but I only made things worse..." Kiseop's eyes never left Soohyun, and he felt his heart tug at the sight of a tear rolling down the older boy's face; he wanted to understand. 

"Soohyun," he called out softly. 

"The truth is," Soohyun began, his tear-filled eyes merting the ulzzang's. "I'm in love with you." Silence had filled the room soon after. Kiseop stared at Soohyun with shocked eyes, and Soohyun looked everywhere besides Kiseop as his tears flowed shamelessly. 

Soohyun had confessed to Kiseop on a day in February. 

It was also the same day that he was rejected. 

Kiseop had asked Soohyun if they could continue to be friends, which Soohyun immediately agreed to. His heart ached constantly, though, at the arrangements, and Kiseop knew he had hurt the other male deeply, even more than how Soohyun had hurt him. Guilt constantly plagued Kiseop's mind, but it had to have been done. He couldn't give Soohyun what he wanted.

Their friendship was very awkward at times, but for the sake of the group, they tried. This went on for one year, and the two finally began to become closer once more; however, Soohyun only gained more pain. They no longer slept together, Soohyun has to be extremely cautious over his actions, and the two of them aren't as close as they once were. Also, Soohyun's unrequited love brought back his insomnia and bad eating habits. He had lost weight drastically over the past year. The other members, Kevin especially, voiced his concern daily to the leader, but he was always told that everything was alright. 

That was obviously a lie. 

Soohyun sat in his room, his cellphone in his hands. For the longest time, he debated on whether or not he should make the call. Sooner or later, he gave in and he found himself dialing the all-too-familiar phone number. He could only hope that he would answer. 

"Yobeoseyo?" Soohyun sighed as relief flooded his system. 


"Soohun? What is it? Is everything alright?" Soohyun didn't know how to answer. "Soohyun? Hey, are you okay? Are you hurt?" Kibum asked, worry evident in his voice. 

"No," Soohyun said. "... Yes... I just-"

"I'm coming over. You're at the dorm, right? Don't. Move. You hear me?" Soohyun didn't even have the chance to reply because the next thing he heard was the dial tone. 

Within fifteen minutes, the leader's door was opened, and in walked Kibum. He took once look at Soohyun before he crossed the room and enveloped the older male in his arms. That was all it took for the dam to break and for sobs to escape from the cradled leader. Soohyun clung to Kibum, afraid that he would fade away as well. 

"I don't know what to do." Kibum tightened his embrace. 

"It's okay. I promise you that it'll be okay."

And it was... For a while, at least. 

One week later, on Leap Day, Soohyun received devastating news: his sister had died in a plane crash. Soohyun had locked himself in his room for days, refusing to let anyone near him; Kiseop knew he was crying. He wanted nothing more than to go to the man and console him, but t wasn't his place anymore, and that hurt. Eventually, however, Kiseop decided to check up on the older boy. He rapped his knuckles on Soohyun's door, waiting for a response; he received none. He knocked again. No answer. 

"Soohyun? It's Kiseop. Can I come in?" The silence sent a chill down Kiseop's spine. "Soohyun?" Still nothing. Kiseop turned the knob and the door was unlocked. His heart suddenly sank and he threw the door open. There, sprawled across the bed, was Soohyun; he looked like death itself. 

"Soohyun!" he screeched, sprinting over to the boy. He gathered him in his arms as he checked for a pulse. "No, no. Please, no." Kiseop was able to find a pulse, but it was faint. That's when he noticed the empty pill bottle. Kiseop put two and two together and realized Soohyun's intention. 

A suicide by overdose. 

That was also the time that Kiseop realized that he loved the leader of U-KISS, and that he couldn't bare to be without him. 

The ulzzang was quick to call an ambulance to come and get Soohyun. They were going to have to pump his stomach. Once the members were given the okay to visit Soohyun, Kiseop made sure that he was the first in that ward. In an instant, he was by the leader's side and had him in his embrace. Soohyun was shocked. 


"Pabo," he breathed. (2) Kiseop showed no signs of letting go, so Soohyun returned the hug. "I love you." Soohyun's eyes widened and he slowly pulled away from the hug, his eyes frantically searching Kiseop's. 


"I love you," the younger boy repeated. 

"Don't play," Soohyun said, fear shrouding his eyes. Kiseop cupped Soohyun's face in his hands. 

"I never said I was."

That was the day that the two of them shared their first kiss together. 

Time passed and things had begun to look up for U-KISS, and even Soohyun himself. The group was able to reach the top of the music charts, and the owner finally stopped harassing Kiseop. Soohyun was also able to return to his healthy physique, and his insomnia and eating issues vanished completely. Maybe, just maybe, he can start to be happy. 

He looked down at the hand holding his, and a genuine smile made its way across his lips. He looked up at the clouds, thoughts suddenly soaring through his head. There was just one last thing. 

"Hey, Kiseop."

"Yes?" Soohyun's eyes never left the sky.

"Don't ever leave me, okay?" He felt Kiseop squeeze his hand reassuringly. 

"I'll never leave you, I swear." Soohyun nodded and even smiled a bit, but Soohyun knows that Kiseop's promise is only empty words, even if the ulzzang meant them. 

Soohyun knows that he, himself, will die in a February, and he also knows that he will be the last to go.

(1) korean for a pretty, doll-faced boy/girl who takes pictures of themselves- usually singers
(2) korean for "idiot"

A/N: Okay, okay. Don't kill me, alright? There's a legit story as to why this story isn't fluffy either. I just want to make it known that almost everything that happened in this story happened to me, and because Soohyun's personality is close to mine, I was easily able to relate to him. 

My dad died last year in February. A close family friend of mine died a month after my dad; she consoled me the most about his death. My dog died two weeks ago. A good friend of mine died three days later. Another family member is about ready to die. It's just a mess. Why do people love to die in February? Guess that question's meant to be unanswered. Oh well. XD And everything else didn't happen to me. Sure, I was in love with someone once, but I stayed back and never said anything. I don't love them the same now, though, so it's all good xDD

Though I do have a feeling I'll die in a February too. Which sucks :/ And if I ever get married and my spouse's birthday is in February, I'm going to die and go to hell. XD

Either way, enough of that sappy and whiny little thing up there. That also explains why I haven't updated in a while. It's just been a little too stressful lately, if you know what I mean. 

I do know that all of the things that happened in this story are false in regards to Soohyun. Yes, his dad died, but not on the same date as mine, and Kibum and Alexander did leave in February; two days after my dad's death, to be exact. I just wanted to clear that up. 

Originally, this was only supposed to be 3 pages long. Instead, it ended up being 10 (handwritten) pages. And let me tell you. 

I. Write. Small. 

Really small. No kidding. My hand hurts. TT^TT

I'll try to update soon, but I can't promise anything~ Till next time ;]

M o o d;: depresseddepressed
M u s i c;: "Beautiful Stranger" by f(x)
08 February 2012 @ 08:41 pm
Do you believe in love at first sight?
No, I don't. I believe that what people think is "love at first sight" is only infatuation. I mean, in order to love someone, you have to actually think about if you love them or not, right? Love doesn't just happen like that, but infatuation does. Do I believe that love can grow off of infatuation, though? Yes. But I don't believe in love at first sight.
L o c a t i o n;: Stalking Soohyun~
M o o d;: bouncybouncy
M u s i c;: Kahi - Come Back, You Bad Person
08 February 2012 @ 08:29 pm

Title: Eggshell
Type: One-shot
Word Count: 1286 (W00T!)
From: Twenty-Six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 5/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: Comedy, Slight Romance
Rating: G
Warnings: implied boyxboy
Disclaimer: *sighs* Saying that I don't own anything is really depressing. I mean, who doesn't want to own Soohyun? Like really? He's a sexy beast. *^* … Or should I say Batoost? … Bad pun T^T


(n.) the hard outer covering of an egg  
(adj) fragile; [paint] having a light sheen

“You have to mix the cocoa and butter separately before you add it to the flour mixture,” Eli said as he added the necessary ingredients into a bowl. He handed Kiseop a spoon before he pushed the dish over to him. “After you mix that, add in the flour mixture and stir until it thickens.”

“Okay,” Kiseop said as he began to do what he was told.

“Good. I'll go preheat the oven and grease the dishes,” Eli said before he left Kiseop's side. Kiseop thought he was doing a pretty good job, until he looked over and realized he left out one ingredient: the eggs. Kiseop looked over his shoulder to see if Eli was watching, which he wasn't. Quickly, he snatched the eggs and threw them into the batter, using the spoon to rapidly stir the ingredient in.

He threw the entire egg in, shell included.

Eli came back over and eyed the batter, seeing nothing wrong with it.

“You done?” he asked, a small smile on his face. Kiseop nodded in reply. Eli's smile widened as he took the bowl and started to pour the batter into the baking dish. He opened the oven and carefully placed the dish on the rack. After he closed the oven door, he wiped his hands on his apron and leaned against the counter.

“Now we wait?” Kiseop asked.

“Now we wait,” Eli replied. He placed his hands behind him and gripped the counter. “I hope they turn our okay.” Kiseop shrugged his shoulders and looked to his left.

Only God knew so far.


“Yo, why's it so crunchy?” Kibum yelled after he pulled the brownie away from his face. “You said it was just an ordinary batch.”

“Ow!” Alexander yelped, his tongue sticking out. “It stabbed me~” Kevin raised an eyebrow before he took a bite out of the brownie. A sickening crunch was heard, causing Kevin to cringe.

“Ew,” he said, more so to the sound than the actual taste. Dongho refused to even touch them. Eli raised an eyebrow and looked at Kiseop who only shrugged.

“Come on, guys. They can't be that bad.” Eli picked up a brownie and bit into it. His brow furrowed while he chewed and he stared at the brownie in his hand. He chewed a bit more before he finally swallowed. “The heck?” he asked.

“It's kinda... weird,” Alexander voiced. “Like it's some form of... milk. Only crunchy.”

“And what the heck is that supposed to mean?” Kibum asked.

“I dunno. I was just going with it,” Alexander said. Eli raised an eyebrow while he looked at the brownies.

“Eggshells?” Everyone looked at him with confused expressions. “It tastes like eggshells, maybe.”

“And this is why you should never trust Shelly to make brownies,” Kibum said, earning himself a playful shove from Kevin.

“But who would put eggshells in a batch of brownies?” Dongho said nonchalantly, his chin resting on his hand.

“Man, Eli. Way to go,” Alexander said.

“I didn't put any in there. Kiseop was-” And then it clicked. Six pairs of eyes were suddenly on Kiseop, and the boy felt just a little self-conscious.

“Kiseop,” Eli began. “Did you put eggshells in the batter?” Kiseop's eyes searched everyone's faces before he answered.

“I just threw the eggs in the batter, like you said, and mixed it.”

“But did you remove the actual egg from the shell before you put it in?” Kibum inquired.

“Well, no-” Groans and laughter were soon heard in the room.

“That explains it!” Alexander said.

“Geez, Eli! You need to watch him better, hyung! He's useless by himself,” Dongho yelled. Strike one.

“Yah, as if you're any better, Dongho,” Kevin piped in, defending his friend. “The last cake had a melted spoon in it.”

“I can't watch him all the time,” Dongho whined but shut up afterwards.

“No wonder he was the busboy most of the time. If he was the actual chef, I think the customers might have needed their stomachs pumped,” Kibum joked, which earned a laugh from Alexander. Strike two.

“Yah, come on guys. At least you're getting some extra calcium!” Eli said with a pout.

“Yeah, sure. I feel like those people who blend raw eggs, vegetables, and broths together and call that a protein shake,” Alexander said while rolling his eyes.

“Stop being so mean,” Kevin whined, but laughed when Kibum and Alexander made funny faces at him.

“Kiseop should just stay out of the kitchen from now on. I don't want to get a kidney stone,” Dongho said. The members laughed at the statement, but Eli turned to look at Kiseop whose lips were pressed in a thin line; he looked as if he was trying not to cry.

“Kiseop,” Eli spoke softly. Strike three.

“Yah, stop it.” The chatter and laughter quieted down, and everyone's attention was brought to Soohyun, who had been quiet the entire time.

“Hyung?” Kevin asked.

“They're not that bad, actually,” Soohyun said. Kibum coughed.

“Not that bad? They're inedible, hyung!” he yelled. Soohyun glared at the brunette who blinked in surprise, caught off guard from the glare.

“Which would you rather eat: the spoon cake or these?” Kibum stared at the older boy before nodding and looking away. Soohyun looked at everyone else.

“You should appreciate the fact that Kiseop is trying here. And it's quite obvious that he's improving, so just cut him some slack, Eli too. You can't supervise someone all the time and expect them to learn from that.”

“Hyung is right,” Kevin said and turned towards Kiseop. “I'm sorry, Kiseop-ah.” Kiseop blinked and waved his hands in front of him.

“You don't have to apologize. It was my mistake, after all. I should be the one apologizing.”

“No, Kevin's right,” Kibum spoke. He walked over to Kiseop and slapped his shoulder playfully. “I'm sorry too, since I'm the one who started it.”

“Neh, neh. We're all sorry,” Dongho piped in. “Now, can we stop with this sappy stuff? It's making me feel funny.” Alexander sat on the maknae (1), who yelped. “Yah, hyung! Get off!”

“Nope~” Alexander hummed and everyone laughed, even Kiseop. Kevin hugged Kiseop, the latter blinking in surprise.


“Sorry again. I still feel bad,” the blonde boy said before he pulled away, a soft smile plastered on his face. Kiseop blinked again before rubbing the back of his neck, his cheeks tinted pink.

“Don't worry about it.” Kevin's smile widened before he left Kiseop's side, most likely to go poke fun at baby Dongho. Kiseop sudden;y felt a warm hand on his shoulder, and he look up to find the smiling face of Soohyun.


“Are you okay?” Kiseop continued to stare at the older man before a smile slowly formed on his face.

“Deh.” (2)

“Good, I'm glad,” Soohyun said. Kiseop placed his hand over Soohyun's, giving it a small squeeze.

“Thank you, hyung.”


“Hey, were they really that good?”


“The brownies. You said they weren't that bad,” Kiseop said. “Did you really mean it?”

“Well,” Soohyun said. “They actually tasted kind of... weird. And it wasn't exactly a good weird... But I did need the extra calcium.” Kiseop playfully punched Soohyun's arm, and Soohyun laughed cheerfully.

“Next time, I'm using cloves.”

Oh boy.



(1) Korean for “the youngest; the baby”
(2) Korean for “yes”

A/N: TT^TT I don't really like this one either. The only part I really liked was the part where Kibum talked about Shelly. I had to put it in there, I just had to. XD In order to understand that, you need to watch U-Kiss Vampire. If you haven't already, DO IT NOW!!! All of the episodes are on YouTube. ^^ So do it!!

Okay, so just so you guys know, the first word was Eloquence, but then I was going to use Egis. Then my friend Kasey was all, “Use Euthanasia!” So I was going to, but then it reminded me too much of my dog (and I couldn't think of anything >.>), so then I was all “Eggshell!” And my friend Trevor and I kind of played out the plot during lunch and this was the result...

I'm sorry, Kiseoppie~! I love you! Be thankful I didn't kill you like I did to Soohyun!

SOOHYUN!!!! DDX *dies*

I think I'm good. XD

- 17. M ]

M o o d;: gigglygiggly
M u s i c;: Super Junior - COOKING, COOKING!
07 February 2012 @ 06:19 pm

Title: Debris
Type: One-shot
Word Count: 881 (HALLELUJAH!)
From: Twenty-Six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 4/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Reality
Rating: G
Warnings: implied boyxboy
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters... Just Soohyun's briefcase. 'Cause it's MINE!! *runs off with it*


(n.) broken and scattered remains, wreckage

“I don't want you to leave.”

“Kiseop... I'm just going to the store.” Kiseop whined as he wrapped his arms around the other boy's torso and buried his face into said boy's side.

“But then when you get back, you'll just have to go to work soon after. So please don't go~” Soohyun rolled his eyes but smiled, nonetheless.

“Fine. I'll just go to the store before I come back.”

“Yay!” Kiseop cheered as he tightened his hug. Soohyun chuckled silently and draped his arm over Kiseop's shoulders, pulling the boy closer to him. The younger boy nuzzled Soohyun's side as he breathed deeply, reveling in the time he spent with Soohyun.

“I love you, you know,” Kiseop said. Soohyun tightened his hold on the other boy.

“I love you too.”

The couple spent their time together by just fooling around and enjoying each other's presence. Before they knew it, the time for Soohyun to leave was approaching and Kiseop was not ready to let him leave yet.

“Can't you just play hookey?” Kiseop asked as he leaned against the door frame, his eyes never leaving Soohyun.

“Kiseop,” Soohyun said, surprise evident in his voice. “I can't just skip work; we have to live somehow. And I'm not my own boss, so it's not like I can just not show up.” Kiseop pouted in response while he watched his boyfriend sling a tie around his neck. Sighing, he pushed away from the door and made his way over to Soohyun.

“Here.” He quickly took the tie from Soohyun's hands and fastened a knot. “There,” he said after he finished.

“Thank you,” Soohyun replied as he smiled genuinely, which caused a light shade of pink to color Kiseop's cheeks. The younger boy only nodded in response as he was trying to control his blush. Soohyun's smile softened before he took the male into his arms.

“I love you,” he said. His heart leapt into his throat when he felt small, yet lean, arms gradually return the embrace. Soohyun swore he even heard a muffled mumble that sounded like 'I love you too, you stupid moron.'


“I'm off. Is there anything else that you need?” Soohyun asked as he slipped his jacket on.

“No, I don't think so. Just what's on the list,” Kiseop said as he held onto Soohyun's briefcase. Soohyun took it from his and kissed Kiseop's forehead gently.

“Thanks. I'll be back before seven, okay?” Kiseop nodded, and Soohyun smiled before he walked towards the door. As he opened the door, he felt a body collide with his back and he soon felt a familiar pair of arms snake around his waist. Soohyun's grip on the doorknob slacked, and he gently placed his hand over Kiseop's.

“Kiseop-ah,” Soohyun began. “What's worrying you?” He felt the boy's embrace tighten before Kiseop let go completely.

“I was just cold, is all,” Kiseop replied. Soohyun knew he was lying, but he chuckled regardless.

“You should put a jacket on then. I'll see you later, neh?” Soohyun didn't wait for a response from Kiseop.

Kiseop watched from the door as Soohyun started up his metallic-red Camry. Soohyun had received that car from his mother for his 23rd birthday. Soohyun had refused to accept the car, but his mother would not hear of it. Kiseop , though, that Soohyun really had appreciated the gift, even if he will not say as much. The roaring of the engine brought Kiseop out of his reverie and he watched Soohyun just in time to see him exit the driveway and disappear down the street, disappearing from the younger boy's eyes. Kiseop sighed as he closed the door and walked into the kitchen. He might as well start cooking, seeing as there was nothing else better to do.


Seven hours pass since then, and Kiseop is almost finished cooking. Soohyun had sent him a text a few minutes prior to make sure Kiseop did not need anything else. Kiseop smiled to himself as he sat on a bar stool, excitement overflowing from him. He really just wanted to see Soohyun.

Minutes pass and Kiseop glances at the clock: 7:15 PM. He shrugs it off, thinking that Soohyun just got stuck in traffic or if he was held up in the store. Soon enough, the time turns to 7:45 PM, and Kiseop begins to worry. He had not received any word from Soohyun; he could only hope that he was okay. To take his mind off the older boy, Kiseop entered the living room and turned on the tv. He really wished that he had not done so.

The latest update in the news was a car crash that had taken place on November 7th, which was today, at 6:30 PM. A stop sign had been knocked over, most likely due from a careless driver, and a tractor trailer happened to crash into a metallic-red Camry, year 2011. The force from the hit caused the tractor to tip over and fall onto the front half of the Camry. All that remained of the owner of the Camry and his vehicle were debris.

Soohyun was not coming home that night.



A/N: I hate this one so much. TT^TT Do you know how hard it was for me to write the car crash scene? It SUCKED!! I couldn't figure out how to write it to save my life! So forgive me of this entire failure of a one-shot. I tried, I really did. And I tried to not make this a cliché, but It's a cliché. T^T Whatever, everything's a cliché, if you think about it.

Well, here's this thing. But at least it's over 300 words! :D Please stay tuned for the next one. ^^

- 17. M

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05 February 2012 @ 10:11 pm

Title: Cliché
Type: Drabble
Word Count: 376
From: Twenty-six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 3/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: Romance, Angst, Implied Lemon
Rating: T
Warnings: implied boyxboy/sex
Disclaimer: Yeah, Yeah. I don't own U-Kiss. I just own the idea. :/ … Well, my friend Kati helped me come up with the idea, actually. I stole it. Well, more like adapted it- Okay, I just don't own stuff. Leave me alone! XD


(n.) a hackneyed phrase;
something that has become commonplace

Soohyun turned onto his side and was surprised when he saw the other boy sound asleep beside him. He had expected Kiseop to have left him during the night, but it seems that he had not done so... yet. Surely, the boy would wake soon and leave him; it always happened that way, didn't it? Sighing, Soohyun pushed the covers away from his body and stood. For once, he did not want to be the one left behind.

Soohyun entered the bathroom and practically bolted towards the shower. He turned the knob for hot water as far as it would go and stepped into the cubicle, completely ignoring the other knob. A his escaped his lips and he grasped at the wall for support. The water pounded against his back, turning the skin and angry red, and the air became thick and humid. Soohyun could care less about either as his thoughts were elsewhere.

He remembered quite vividly about the events that had occurred yesterday. A smile sent his way turned into a seductive smirk, and hot breath had tickled his ear as sinful lies were whispered to him. A hand crept up his leg into uncharted areas, which startled him. Soohyun asked the boy what was going on and for him to stop, but he only received a smirk as an answer.

“Kiseop, stop. It's against my morals,” he had said. His stomach tightened when Kiseop straddled his hips, ignoring the protests. “We aren't even dating, and I doubt you truly have any feelings for me.”

“But that's what makes it even ore fun,” was Kiseop's reply before he attacked Soohyun's neck with his mouth. “Come on, hyung.” (1)

The older boy had protested further, but Kiseop was really good with cajolery. And Soohyun gave in.

Soohyun punched the shower wall as anger flooded him. Tears clouded his eyes as he fought the urge to cry. Slowly, he slid down to his knees and covered his eyes with his hand.

“What a cliché,” he said bitterly, his voice a hoarse whisper due to the hot water. His heart-wrenching sobs were muffled by the shower pounding water onto the crouching boy, letting him cry to his heart's content.

Soohyun hated clichés.



(1) Korean formality for a younger boy to call an older boy; literally translates to “older brother”

A/N: Okay, this one kind of sucks too. XD I got the idea from my friend Kati. The original word was supposed to be cajolery, but I literally discussed with her all day about what to use. The only one I actually contemplated was Kiseop cajoling (I love that word. XD) Soohyun into having sex with him, and they weren't dating either. But then I was all like “That is such a cliché, and I hate clichés.” But then, two hours later, I was like “... Cliché starts with a 'C' O.O” So I did it. XD

So yeah, that's that. Well, I have to go draw something for art class, so I'll see ya guys later! :D
(P.S. Why can't I write over 300 words? -_-*)

- 17. M

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M u s i c;: Cobra Starship - Chew Me Up and Spit Me Out
05 February 2012 @ 12:52 am

Title: Brothers
Type: Drabble
Word Count: 355
From: Twenty-six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 2/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: (B)Romance, Light Angst
Rating: G
Warnings: implied boyxboy
Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure that we all know that I don't own these two wonderful boys. Do I wish I did though? I'm sure you all know that the answer to that is yes. XD


(n.) male child of the same parents as another person;
a friend who is like a brother; a fellow member of a group,
profession, or association

A sigh escaped Kiseop's lips as he turned the page of the book he was holding. He looked up from the current page to stare at the man who was talking animatedly into the phone. He would laugh every so often and a smile was always on his face. Kiseop frowned.

“Neh, I'll try to see you later, okay? (1) Saranghae,” he said before hanging up, a goofy grin plastered on his face. Kiseop's frown deepened as he felt his heart plummet. He knew what was coming next.

“Hey, Kiseop.

“Hm?” Kiseop sounded, his eyes now staring the the book.

“I want to meet Jiyoung later. Would you mind covering for me?” Kiseop waited a while before answering, his eyes still glued to the pages before him.

“Whatever.” He did not receive a reply, so he figured that the other man had left him, and he sighed. He realized that he was not alone when he felt someone sit next to him on the couch,

“Are you alright?” I warm hand rested on Kiseop's shoulder. He wanted to cry, but he forced down the urge to do so.

“Never been better,” Kiseop replied nonchalantly as he flipped the page. The older boy was not satisfied with that answer.

“Kiseop, please. I know something's bothering you. You're like a brother to me; you can trust me with anything. So please.” Kiseop finally looked away from his book and turned towards the other boy.

“Soohyun, I said I was fine. I'll cover for you, okay? So just drop it.” Kiseop returned to his “reading” and ignored Soohyun. Soohyun tried to persuade Kiseop into telling him what was wrong, but Kiseop did not utter a single word. After realizing that it was a lost cause, Soohyun finally left Kiseop alone.

Once Soohyun left the room, Kiseop set his book down and sighed. That was all he ever was and will be: a brother-like figure. Brothers were supposed to be extremely close, sometimes even closer than what lovers were supposed to be. So why did it hurt so much?



(1) Korean for “I love you”

A/N: Second word done! :D I like this one a bit better than the last one. Maybe it's because I had a bit more experience this time? Maybe? And a better plot idea? XD Who knows. Lol And I just realized that most of the words I chose are kind of headed into the negative/depressing side of the spectrum. Oops. o_o That was completely unplanned. Hope you don't mind. XD

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this chapter. I'll try to update later today. :D

- 17. M

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M u s i c;: t.A.T.u. - Fly on the Wall
04 February 2012 @ 08:18 pm

Title: Asphyxiated
Type: Drabble
Word Count: 302
From: Twenty-six Reasons Why... I Love You
Part: 1/26
Pairing: SooSeop [Soohyun/Kiseop]
Genre: Romance, Light Drama, Very light Angst?
Rating: G
Warnings: light boyxboy, if you consider this that
Disclaimer: I own nothing, but if I did, I would make Soohyun mine!! And make him live in my large closet with Eunhyuk and Minho. :D


(v.) [past tense] to suffocate; to be smothered

As his gaze traveled upwards, he swore that time had come to a halt. His heart pounded mercilessly against his ribcage as his breathing became labored. He tried to regulate his breathing, but it only worsened. Then, to his dismay, warm, dark hazel eyes bore into his own, and pearly white teeth were exposed in a bright smile; his smile was suffocating.

His palms began to perspire when the boy drew closer to him, his smile broadening.

“Kiseop-ah,” he greeted, his voice as smooth as velvet. (1) Kiseop swallowed harshly, his frantic eyes refusing to leave the boy standing in front of him.

“Soohyun-ssi,” he replied hesitantly, his voice weak from the lack of oxygen. (2)

“Why so formal, Kiseoppie~?” Soohyun asked as he slung his arm over Kiseop's shoulders, who immediately tensed at the contact. Kiseop then realized that he had stopped breathing altogether, which concerned the older boy.

“Kiseop-ah, are you okay? Kiseop?” he inquired, his voice filled with worry.

“Fine,” Kiseop choked out before he squirmed away from Soohyun. Kiseop refused to meet Soohyun's gaze, and the older boy frowned.

“Kiseop?” he called again..

“I need to go.” Before he turned around, Kiseop glanced at Soohyun, and he immediately wished that he hadn't. Despair and hurt were etched into Soohyun's face, and the scene caused Kiseop's heart to thud; however, Kiseop could only walk away.

Soohyun was breathtaking, that was for sure, but it was too much for Kiseop. Even just the sound of the older boy's name was enough to make breathing difficult for Kiseop. Soohyun had never done him any wrong, he had always been the perfect person to Kiseop, but Kiseop found it physically tolling to be around him. Soohyun was suffocating him, and Kiseop hated him for that.



(1) formal Korean greeting for close friends
(2) formal Korean greeting for people that are not close; acquaintances

A/N: Geez, finally finished. And yet, I feel like something's missing... I'll come back to it later. XD I need to get working on the other ones. I hope you enjoyed this small blurb. It's not my best work, but it's decent. I hope you all stick around to read the rest. :D

- 17. M

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04 February 2012 @ 01:32 am
I really need to start posting more here. I really do. I feel bad having this account and not being active. TT^TT It's sad.

So, what I'm gonna do. I'm planning on working on a Fanfic series (I know, I know. I still have 4 others that I'm working on. T^T), only it will be somewhat of a drabble/one-shot/two-shot type of challenge thing. I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of something of the sorts before. My challenge is going to be an ABC Challenge. :o

For those who are unfamiliar with this type of challenge, it's basically where I write 26 different stories according to a certain term. So, let's say I have the letter Q. I need a Q word, so I pick Quiescence, which is the act of being inactive, dormant, or quiet for a long period of time. I then have to base a(n)
  • drabble
  • oneshot
  • poem
on said word.If I can make it into a drabble (>500 words), great. If it's a little longer, then it's a oneshot. If I get inspired to continue off the idea, then I'll contribute the next word as a sequel, forming a twoshot. If I write a poem, then so be it. But I doubt I'll write very many poems because a.) I prefer mine to be witty, and I suck at being a witty poet, and b.) I have analyzed poems for 18 months straight. I hate them and avoid them like the plague. But, if I have to, so be it.

So there's that. Most of you are probably wondering what the main challenge fandom is going to be. Well, probably nothing what you'd expect, or something of the sort. You're probably expecting EunHae or some Super Junior based thing. Well, I'm sorry to inform you of this, but it's not Super Junior. At all. *watches everyone die* O-O''

Instead, the main couple/fandom is...
*drum roll*

U-Kiss' SooSeop (Soohyun/Kiseop) couple.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I need to stop jumping around, but it's just one challenge, right? Yeah, of course. And I know right now that my friend Kasey is probably flailing around on the ground because Kiseop's not with Kevin, but meh. If she loves those two so much she can write them herself. XD But maybe, just maybe... For her birthday, maybe, I'll write her a small drabble of those two. MAYBE. No promises though, okay? They don't call key words (*ahem* Maybe...) key words for nothing~

Alright, so enough of that. I will try and update every other day, and they can be found here:
[Click Me]

The first one is posted now, at least, so please tell me what you think. ;D

(P.S. You can also view this challenge on my PontatoFanta account on AsianFanfics.
Click here)

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Thank you, wonderful people of the livejournal community~
Have a great day!

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04 February 2012 @ 01:31 am

(I can't believe I keep on changing all of the words. Like seriously, I went through 4 different terms for the letter 'E.' FOUR! XD)

L o c a t i o n;: Still mah bed
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M u s i c;: "Tick Tack" by U-KISS